Mimosa salad in a new way! Airy and tender salad!

Mimosa salad in a new way! Airy and tender salad!


  1. Cod liver 70 gr. (1 b.)
  2. Potato 100 gr.
  3. Carrots 100 gr.
  4. 2 eggs
  5. Salt to taste
  6. Onions to taste to taste
  • Main Ingredients


grater, fork, spoon


Mash cod liver with a fork.

Peel eggs, divide into proteins and yolks. Grate boiled potatoes, carrots, eggs (separately proteins and yolks) on a fine grater.

Fold all prepared foods in a salad bowl in layers. Level the layers with a fork, do not press, thanks to this, the salad is very tender and airy.

1 layer - potatoes. Salt, taste and pour cod liver oil. Instead of butter, you can use mayonnaise.

2 layer - grated carrots.

3 layer - cod liver.

4 layer - egg whites. Pour the remaining cod liver oil.

5 layer - egg yolks. Garnish with sprigs of dill. Let the salad soak for about 30 minutes and you can serve it to the table!

If desired, you can add onions to the salad, after pickling, but I like this salad without onions.