Chicken legs stuffed with cheese and garlic

Chicken legs stuffed with cheese and garlic

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  1. chicken legs 6 pcs.;
  2. cheese 150 grams;
  3. garlic 6 cloves;
  4. salt to taste;
  5. black pepper hammers to taste;
  6. seasoning for chicken 1 tbsp;
  7. mayonnaise 3 tbsp
  • Main ingredients: Chicken, Cheese
  • Serving 6 servings
  • World Cuisine


board, knife, deep plate, baking sheet, oven


Grate the cheese on a coarse grater. Pass the garlic through a press or grate. Combine cheese and garlic - the filling is ready. Wash, dry chicken legs, carefully remove the skin to the lower leg. In the legs, make deep cuts, salt and pepper. Fill the cuts with cheese filling. Top with skin. Prepare a shaving brush: for this, combine mayonnaise with chicken seasoning. Put a shaving brush on the legs and send them to the oven preheated to 170 degrees for 1 hour. Chicken legs stuffed with cheese and garlic can be served with any side dish and as an independent dish, they look great on the festive table. A more detailed cooking process, see the video. Enjoy your meal!