The most lazy dumplings! You can’t imagine how simple it is!

The most lazy dumplings! You can’t imagine how simple it is!

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  1. Cottage cheese 500 gr.
  2. Egg 1 pc.
  3. Flour 150-190 gr.
  4. Sugar 1.5 tbsp
  5. Pinch of salt
  • The main ingredients of cottage cheese, flour


Salt cottage cheese, add 1.5 tbsp. sugar, one egg and mix. Then add flour 150-190 gr. or 50/50 flour and semolina, as you like. Knead the dough. The dough should turn out soft, but at the same time elastic, slightly sticky to the hands. Flour can go a little more or less, it all depends on the humidity of the cottage cheese. Curd should be taken dry. The test should be divided into three parts. Send each part of the dough to a pastry bag in which to cut off the edge of the desired diameter. A regular package will not work, as the dough will break through it. Send dumplings to the salted boiling water, cutting off the right amount of dough with scissors. You can make dumplings of the usual shape, in the form of small sausages, it can be shorter, more authentic or thicker, cutting off the edge of the bag, larger or smaller, according to your desire. The cooking time depends on the size of the dumplings. My “kids”, as soon as they come up, I cook for about 15 seconds and take them out. I cook more dumplings for a minute and it’s done. The test can be prepared for future use, put into packets and sent to the freezer. The dough is stored in the freezer for several months. I keep it in the refrigerator for 24 hours, no more. This method of preparing lazy dumplings is very convenient, incredibly fast, and takes a minimum of time. Serve dumplings with butter, sour cream or jam. Bon appetit!