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The Eggstreme Nog, made with Maker's Mark bourbon, brandy, and Peach Schnapp's, is served at the Haven Ski Chalet at the Sanctuary Hotel.


  • 1/2 Ounce Maker's Mark
  • 1 Ounce brandy
  • 1 Ounce Cayrum
  • 1/2 Ounce Peach Schnapp's
  • 1 Cup eggnog

George Washington's Christmas Eggnog

Enjoy this homemade old-school eggnog recipe from Mount Vernon, George Washington’s estate. There’s also an amusing story to tell about this popular recipe, which might offer up a nice little tidbit of cocktail conversation to go with your festive concoction.

Eggnog was certainly popular during colonial times. Brought over from Britain (and going back to medieval times), eggnog was a special-occasion drink due to its ingredients (milk, eggs, alcohol), which were quite expensive at the time. According to kitchen records, George Washington served an eggnog-like drink to visitors at Mount Vernon loaded with alcohol.

“George Washington’s Eggnog Recipe” (below) became widely circulated with the claim that it was penned by the first president in his own hand. Here’s the recipe (with added ingredient amounts, since cooks didn’t tend to specify amounts nor servings back in the day, adjusting to the size of the party):

“One quart cream, one quart milk, one dozen tablespoons sugar, one pint brandy, ½ pint rye whiskey, ½ pint Jamaica rum, ¼ pint sherry – mix liquor first, then separate yolks and whites of 12 eggs, add sugar to beaten yolks, mix well.

Add milk and cream, slowly beating. Beat whites of eggs until stiff and fold slowly into mixture. Let set in cool place for several days. Taste frequently.”

So is this Washington’s recipe in his own hand? Although widely circulated as being true, it’s doubtful. We contacted the librarians at Mount Vernon who said that no eggnog recipe has been definitively linked to Washington. It did not come from George or Martha Washington’s papers, Martha Washington’s cookbook (which she inherited from her first marriage), nor was it provided in her personal copy of the Art of Cookery by Hannah Glasse, which was the most popular English cookbook in America at the time.

However, the eggnog recipe above is a true vintage recipe it just comes from the 19th century. George Washington (1732–99) lived in the 18th century.

A luxurious — and strong — eggnog recipe to sustain you through this holiday season, and many more

I did not have much FOMO growing up without celebrating Christmas. After all, I could still appreciate the decorations without my family putting them up. There were always Hanukkah presents, so I wasn’t missing out on that. And, heck, we had latkes. Hard to beat fried potato pancakes.

For some reason, eggnog was one of the only Christmas traditions that really intrigued me. So we would occasionally snag a store-bought (booze-free) quart, which almost inevitably was a letdown. I figured I wasn’t missing much.

Oh, how wrong I was. When I was older and finally tried some honest-to-goodness, homemade, alcohol-included nog, I got a little wistful about time lost. No longer! Of course, eggnog isn’t just tied to Christmas — anyone can partake in the seasonal beverage. And this Deluxe Eggnog is pretty much the ultimate recipe.

As the name promises, it is, indeed, luxurious. Rich with egg yolks and heavy cream and fortified with three types of spirits, it reminded more than one taster of melted ice cream. Nothing wrong with that. We suggest small portions since it is so decadent and strong.

The recipe is a longtime family tradition for the “Joy of Cooking” authors, the classic cookbook that just released a new edition. They recommend letting the egg yolks mingle with the liquor for the full time specified in the recipe otherwise, “your nog may taste more like a naughty omelet than holiday cheer.” To see the authors in action making this recipe, as well as a vegan version, head over to our story on Instagram, @eatvoraciously. (For other vegan options, you can try spiking the horchata recipe I ran this year or look at this version from our Spirits columnist, M. Carrie Allan.)

If you plan to serve the eggnog for the holiday season, this is the time to get it started. While you can enjoy this version in just a few hours, the authors say the flavor only improves with time. Plus, why burden yourself with one more task once things get busier? Make it now and you won’t miss out this year, or ever again.

Recipe notes: This recipe calls for raw egg yolks if you are concerned about a risk of salmonella, use pasteurized eggs, such as Davidson’s brand. For food safety, the authors caution against reducing the amount of alcohol. If you would like to use less booze, make the eggnog with pasteurized eggs, or follow the variation below for a cooked eggnog.

9 Healthier Eggnog Recipes To Make This Holiday

The time for holiday beverages is officially upon us, but many drinks we consider holiday-specific are actually just designed for cold weather mulled wine, hot toddies and hot chocolate can (and should) be enjoyed throughout the winter season. But there’s one beverage that’s inextricably linked to the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, to the point where it’s actually really difficult to find in stores or restaurants once the new year arrives. That’s right, we’re talking about eggnog.

Also known as “milk punch,” eggnog includes cream, egg yolks and spices blended together to make a rich, luxurious and December-perfect treat. However, all of these ingredients, while delicious, combine to create a less-than-diet-friendly end product.

If you want to get your nog on without blowing your caloric budget for the day, it helps to consider healthier alternatives that don’t sacrifice flavor. We consulted bartenders, beverage directors and chefs to collect their favorite health-conscious eggnog variations, and we’re bringing you our nine favorite picks.

Creamy Eggnog

  • Holiday season means its time for chilling with your family, being thankful for the great things in your life, and celebrating with a drink here and there.

Since you’ll be entertaining when you gather your loved ones together, you should be ready with a beverage. Whether you gather round the Christmas tree, menorah or Festivus pole, you’ll find a cocktail in our guide to mark the occasion. Just be careful and don’t have too many - the New Year is coming, and you don’t want those resolutions to be stricter than they have to be.

Christmas is about eggnog, give a little gift to your guests by not settling on the old-fashioned recipe. The easiest thing you can do is use a premium spirit in your drink – a bottle of rum like Brugal 1888 may be more expensive than the no-name brand that you’d normally reach for, but it will make the sugar and spice in the drink all that nice. Build off of this recipe, but reach for ingredients that you’d actually want to open, if they were left for you under the tree as a gift.

There aren’t many cocktails that were specially designed to celebrate the festival of lights, but having a drink for Hanukkah is totally simple. Mulled wine will warm you up, and there are plenty of kosher reds that you can use in the recipe (though, we’d advise against drinking it for all of the eight nights). Just go with this recipe for mulled red wine sangria and substitute a kosher label in place of the usual vino that you would use. True, it’s a little harder to find, but it’s the holiday season – make the extra effort and your guests will be glad.

If you’re warming up for the “feats of strength,” you don’t have to worry about a great holiday cocktail. After all, if you celebrate this Seinfeld-inspired holiday (which has actually become a thing in the land of urban hipsters), you’re not into decorum. Two words: pickle back. A shot of your favorite whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice. You can’t go wrong with that while you’re dancing around the aluminum pole.

It’s easy to impress people on the last night of the year. Everyone will want to drink Champagne, and you only need one ingredient to make that glass of bubbly stand out. Chambord turns that sparkling wine into a Kir Royale – a fancy-sounding drink that only takes two minutes to make. Just pour a shot of the sweet liqueur into your glass of bubbly and you’ll make it a New Year’s party to remember.

The holiday season is a busy one, and when you’re not entertaining, you may want to unwind with a beverage that is seasonal, easy to make, and a tad celebratory. A classic hot toddy takes as long to whip up as a glass of tea, and it certainly will make you feel better once it sets in. Add some honey, a bit of brandy, a healthy pour of lemon, and you’ll wish it was the holidays all year round.

Holiday Cheers: Braum’s Egg Nog Recipes

It’s the most wonderful time of year – Braum’s Egg Nog and Premium Egg Nog Ice Cream are back!

These holiday favorites have been making appearances at holiday get-togethers for generations. The return of our holiday products revive visions of winter afternoons sweetened with a scoop of egg nog ice cream. They remind loyal fans of glasses of egg nog over loud family game nights and exciting present exchanges. Just the thought of egg nog conjures up cozy Christmas sweaters and a sense of good cheer.

For some, the return of these seasonal classics is as anticipated Christmas morning! We know you need to get your egg nog fix. This year, we recommend you try a few new recipes to take your egg nog obsession to new heights. These egg nog recipes are so good you’ll be the star of every holiday party and have no problem getting on Santa’s nice list.

So go on, keep passing out those cups of good cheer!

Want more recipes to showcase at your holiday feasts? Read through the Braum’s 2016 Holiday Recipe Brochure

Trick Nog

Trick Dog is an award-winning bar in San Francisco. Trick Nog, however, is a modern and boozy twist on the classic Eggnog recipe. It comes from Morgan Schick, the creative director of The Bon Vivants, the team behind Trick Dog and other fine establishments.

Eggnog recipes can vary depending on who makes them, but the basic formula consists of a spirit with eggs, sugar, milk and cream. This version hits all those notes, and then some, with bourbon, cherry liqueur, orange juice, brown sugar syrup, heavy cream and a whole egg.

Schick’s take on the classic is a great example of how to build complementary flavors into the traditional mix of ingredients. In addition to the obvious components like cream and egg, the Trick Nog adds brown sugar syrup for depth and sweetness, orange juice for a delicate brightness and Heering cherry liqueur for rich cherry notes, producing a mixture with flavors reminiscent of a holiday fruit cake.

This recipe involves a few more ingredients than the classic version, but it’s no more difficult to make. That’s because many Eggnog recipes instruct you to beat the egg yolks with sugar in a bowl until fluffy, add your liquid ingredients and then fold in the egg whites. But the Trick Nog is simply combined in a cocktail shaker. Shake everything together without ice until the ingredients are well-incorporated, and then give it another rattle with ice until chilled—no whisk required. Break out a couple shakers, and your guests will go from thirsty to satisfied in a matter of minutes.

Eggnog Recipes

Are you a fan of Eggnog? Did you know that Eggnog isn’t just for drinking anymore? Now you can make Eggnog Cinnamon Rolls, Eggnog pancakes, Eggnog Cookies, Eggnog Fudge, and so much more. Check out all the Eggnog Recipes that I have found around the web. I think I will start with the Eggnog Cinnamon Rolls first….they look SO good!

As always, please click on the link above the p hotos to be taken to the original sources and recipes .

Eggnog Snickerdoodles from The Idea Room

Eggnog Cheesecake Cookie Cups from Liv for Cake

Eggnog Cinnamon Rolls from Chef in Training

Homemade Eggnog Recipe from Ashlee Marie

White Chocolate Chip Eggnog Cookies from Wine and Glue

Eggnong Breakfast Bread Pudding from Kitchn

Cinnamon Eggnog Oatmeal from Wholefully

Eggnog Cheesecake Crumble Bars from Inside the Bru Crew Life

Eggnog Whipped Cream from Mom Foodie

Chocolate Cherry Pomegranate Eggnog Cake from Melanie Makes

Healthy No Bake Eggnog Bites from The Big Man’s World

Mini Pumpkin Eggnng Loaves from Pineapple & Coconut

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Saint Nick’s Eggnog

BEAT eggs, sugar and salt in large heavy saucepan until blended. STIR IN 2 cups milk.

COOK over low heat, stirring constantly but gently, until mixture is just thick enough to just coat a metal spoon with a thin film and temperature reaches 160°F, about 15 minutes. Do not allow to boil. REMOVE from heat immediately.

STIR IN remaining 2 cups milk and vanilla. REFRIGERATE, covered, until thoroughly chilled, several hours or overnight.

Just before serving, stir brandy, liqueur, rum or bourbon into eggnog, if desired. For a festive presentation, garnish with whipped cream, ground nutmeg, cinnamon sticks or candy canes.

Secrets of success: Low heat, a heavy sauce pan, constant stirring and patience are the keys to making the eggnog. If you increase the cooking temperature to try to speed the process along, the mixture is likely to curdle. Stirring constantly, making sure to cover the entire bottom and corners of the pan, prevents scorching and ensures that the mixture heats.

Watch carefully and test frequently toward the end of the cooking time, after about 10 to 12 minutes. The last few minutes are crucial. Undercooked eggnog will be thin and watery overcooked custard will curdle. The difference is a matter of only a few degrees.

For perfectly smooth eggnog: Pour through a sieve before chilling.

For a richer eggnog: Substitute half-and-half or light cream for some of the milk.

To keep eggnog cold during a party, set punch bowl or pitcher in a bed of crushed ice, or freeze some of the eggnog in ice cube trays or ice ring using a bundt pan and add to bowl right before party.

Delicious Eggnog Recipes

The base of milk, cream, and egg in Eggnog is as delicious as it is simple, but have you thought about mixing it with Guinness, Gin, Tequila or Bourbon as well as chocolate, vanilla or even pink peppercorns? Well, we&rsquove had fun with some of our favourite spirits to make these lovely Eggnogs for you to impress your guests with this Christmassy drink.

Watch the video: Eggs-Treme Chase completed #Slotomania + eye on the prize (June 2022).