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Best Cake Recipes

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Top Rated Cake Recipes

This moist cake, flavored with coconut and crushed pineapple, brings a taste of the islands to your table.Recipe courtesy of McCormick

Lane cake is a traditional Southern dish that's been around since the late 1800s. The dense cake is topped with delicious pecans before being baked for 30 minutes. Recipe courtesy of Club Cooking, provided by My Recipe Magic

These crab cakes are the perfect way to make dinner for two extra special. Top the dish with homemade Sriracha ginger mayo. Recipe courtesy of Eggland's Best

This classic St. Louis pastry was supposedly made by accident, when a baker reversed the amount of butter and flour in a recipe. But unlike many mistakes, this was a happy one, resulting in an iconic, indulgent dessert.21 Recipes That Will Have You Cooking Like a True Midwesterner

Craving a cool, light, old-fashioned dessert? Try this wonderful lemon icebox cake recipe on for size.Recipe courtesy of Happy Money Saver

This cake is perfect for Halloween because of the bold flavors and the cool look of the green, orange, and white colors inside. It is sure to delight all guests because the flavor profile is interesting and unique.

This easy ice cream cake is loaded with chocolate and of course, ice cream. It uses store-bought cake mix and ice cream for a simple preparation that is easy enough to make when you need a quick cake or dessert. Once you have the basic technique down, you can always swap out different flavors, like vanilla cake mix and strawberry ice cream.

This nostalgic twist on traditional carrot cake is just in time for Easter. Smother delicious spiced carrot cake with decadent creamy filling and top with classic sweet cream cheese frosting and pecans.Recipe courtesy of McCormick

This twist on a ginger cake incorporates Tabasco and cinnamon and delivers a perfectly spiced dessert.Click Here for 15 Ways to Use Tabasco at Your Barbecue

Harrison Keevil, executive chef at Brookville Restaurant in Charlottesville, VA., used this recipe, along with carrot cake, when making his own wedding cake.Click here to see Should I Make My Own Wedding Cake?

In my family, the cooking is left to the ladies in our home kitchen and the baking is left to my father, at our pastry shop. Ergo, when it came time to decide upon a recipe I chose a cake to test my own baking chops, with just a little bit of help.Classic tiramisu is made usually in a sheet pan or a glass casserole dish so the sponge is left to soak. However, in this instance, our rendition is dressed up a bit, in a cake form to make it easier to slice and serve. This version is still rich in espresso essence and holds truth to its Italian handle.

This holiday sweet treat is a breathe of fresh air for your holiday Christmas party!

The one and only Martha Stewart is stopping by the TODAY to share three of her favorite cake recipes from her new cookbook "Martha Stewart's Cake Perfection: 100+ Recipes for the Sweet Classic, from Simple to Stunning: A Baking Book." She shows us how to make her light-as-air Lemon Mousse Cake, eye-catching Chocolate-and-Vanilla Zebra Cake and over-the-top Mile High Salted-Caramel Chocolate Cake.

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Martha Stewart's Lemon Mousse Cake

Lemon and meringue make one of the all-time great culinary duos. Here, they’re whipped up into a light-as-air cake. A Swiss meringue frosting is piped on and then toasted for a golden hue, to highlight its sensuous curves. A big pile of raspberries on top looks as if it’s keeping the whole creation from floating away.

Martha Stewart's Chocolate-and-Vanilla Zebra Cake

A wild streak runs through this dessert beneath a coating of rich chocolate frosting. Cut a slice and reveal zebra-like stripes of vanilla and chocolate cake. It’s a surprisingly easy trick to pull off — simply alternate spoonfuls of batter in the center of the pan and create concentric rings.

Martha Stewart's Mile High Salted-Caramel Chocolate Cake

Truly, madly and deeply chocolate: Pools of rich salted caramel separate layers of chocolate cake, which are then swathed with dark chocolate frosting and sprinkled with flaky salt. Prep the wondrous cake layers and caramel up to three days before assembling (chilling actually improves the texture for stacking), so you can make it look effortless.

21 Gorgeous Layer Cake Recipes for Every Occasion

Some occasions just call for a cake. If you're looking for a delicious, impressive recipe, you're in luck: Here we're sharing 20 of our most flavorful layer cake recipes that will take you through every season and holiday of the year. Layer cakes are fan-favorites because they're so versatile. Take a base like Simple Layer Cake with Vanilla Frosting, for example&mdashit's basic on the outside, but each bite is extraordinarily moist and sweet. Top if off with any color icing or sprinkles you want, depending on the event, and you've got something truly special.

To transport your guests to cloud nine, try one of our light-as-air cakes. At the peak of strawberry season, there's simply nothing more enjoyable than Chiffon Cake with Strawberries and Cream. If you love strawberry shortcake or a bowl of berries and cream, then trust us when we say that this cake was made for you. Another recipe guaranteed to make it to the winner's circle? Our next-level Vanilla Sponge Cake with Strawberry-Meringue Buttercream. It's sure to make jaws drop with its stunning looks.

Ice cream cakes are also a type of layer cake that always draws applause from kids, both old and young. We have two very special recipes&mdashour Seven-Layer Ice Cream Cake, in particular, is attention-grabbing and will certainly live up to the hype. Choose a selection of berry ice cream flavors and add-ins for a patriotic dessert to serve all summer long. Two additional summertime favorites include a decadent Brownie Sundae Ice Cream Cake and the Meyer-Lemon and Coconut Layer Cake that's pictured here.

Whether you keep it simple and classic with a Carrot Cake with White-Chocolate Frosting or go all out by making our Salted-Caramel Six-Layer Chocolate Cake, everyone will want a slice of these layer cake recipes.

Blue Ribbon Recipe

Member's Choice
Jennifer's version of a Sock-It-To-Me Cake is out of this world good. The from scratch cake is like a buttery, tender pound cake with a cinnamon walnut filling. The filling is almost like a cinnamon roll filling. It makes this cake really special. Drizzling the glaze on top adds just the right amount of sweetness. This is a divine dessert or a heavenly treat served with a cup a cup of coffee.

Note: This cake is really big and it takes up an entire bundt pan when baked. The bake time is long which is needed for the cake size. The edges do burn slightly but the cake is still delicious. The Test Kitchen

The Best Birthday Cake Recipes, From Layer Cakes To Sheet Cakes

Is a birthday without a cake really a birthday at all?

Sure, we’ve had happy birthdays that were celebrated with key lime pie and brownie sundaes. But even if you’re not a cake person, nothing says “I love you,” or “I love you but I’m afraid to tell you because I fear rejection,” or maybe just “I can tolerate sitting next to you at work pretty well, at least on most days” better than a cake.

Making a layer cake does take a little effort ― there are multiple layers to be baked, each of which needs proper cooling before stacking it up and frosting it without it toppling over. We’ve got 50 of those gorgeous doozies for you below.

If you’re a little less ambitious or less coordinated, go with a sheet cake. Most of them just require a quick bake in the oven, some time cooling on the counter and an easy dollop of frosting on top. We’ve got 25 of those recipes for you below.

Best Easy Dessert Recipes | Delicious Cake Recipes

Delivering to many homes and households the ease and simplicity of making mouth watering desserts at any time of the day or night, JULIES CAFE BAKERY showcases its selection of the best easy dessert recipes and combinations from around the web. Currently more than any other recipe site has ever achieved, JULIES CAFE BAKERY blog is delighting sweet fanatics and lovers that delight in spending several hours within the kitchen cooking and baking desserts just like a professional.

Please visit http://juliescafebakery.com/

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5. Instant Pot Fudge Brownie Cake

Are you ready for some chocolate?! Instant Pot Chocolate Fudge Brownie Cake with toasted walnuts will be a dessert that impresses everyone at the table and makes your chocolate lovers very happy. This recipe is from The Ultimate Instant Pot Cookbook. Get the recipe on our blog here.

Assemble this coconut cake recipe

Once your cakes have fully cooled, it's time to assemble the coconut cake recipe. Prepare a work station with your coconut frosting, toasted coconut, and baked cake rounds.

Place one cake round on a cake stand, a cardboard cake board, or a plate. This will serve as the base for your layered coconut cake. Then, smooth a generous amount of coconut frosting over top of the cake layer. Sprinkle the top of the cake layer with toasted coconut, and then add the second cake round on top.

Frost the entire cake with coconut frosting. Use a piping bag fitted with an icer tip for best results. Using a flat spatula or icing scraper will help to make the sides and tops smooth. Then, use your hands to press the toasted coconut against the sides of the cake. Top the coconut cake with additional piped frosting and sprinkle it with additional toasted coconut to decorate if desired.

Recipe Ingredients

This is a simple white cake recipe topped with my favorite vanilla buttercream. But don’t let the word “simple” fool you — there’s still plenty of flavor in this cake! Here’s what you’ll need to make this white cake from scratch:

  • Cake flour: I suggest sticking with cake flour versus all-purpose flour. Cake flour has a lower protein content than all-purpose flour which creates a tender, fine crumb.
  • Baking powder: Helps the cake batter rise in the oven and results in a fluffy cake.
  • Salt: Enhances the vanilla flavor and also balances out the sweetness of the batter.
  • Buttermilk: Creates a soft, tender crumb and also provides moisture.
  • Clear vanilla extract: Pure vanilla extract may be used as well. Clear vanilla will ensure that the homemade white cake remains perfectly white.
  • Unsalted butter: I recommend using unsalted butter since the amount of salt in salted butters can vary between different brands. The butter and sugar need to be creamed together for a good 4 to 5 minutes to create a super light, fluffy cake.
  • Granulated sugar: I love brown sugar in cakes, but for this recipe you want to stick with granulated sugar to get that classic white cake look.
  • Egg whites: Egg yolks have fat in them, which can weigh down the cake. By using just egg whites, you’ll create a lighter cake and it will help you keep that classic white cake look too.

How to bake a cake for your own wedding:

This recipe makes a three layer cake. You’ll use three 9-inch pans. And you’ll frost it just as you would frost a two-layer cake, with frosting in between layers. If you’d like, you can put the remaining frosting in a piping bag and use it to create a simple border around the top and bottom edges. I like to grate some white chocolate shavings onto the top of the cake because that helps make it look a little more fancy. I’ve also used this recipe to make a 14-inch round cake too for other kinds of celebrations.

Obviously this recipe won’t be enough to feed everyone at your wedding. You’ll get 14 servings out of it. So what I suggest is baking this cake for display and tasting. Then use this same recipe to make White Wedding Cake Cupcakes for your guests. That’s what I did for my son’s Kindergarten teacher, and it made for very pretty display at her small wedding. I wrote a long post about How to Make Wedding Cupcakes, so that’s worth reading too!

Watch the video: 100+ Best Cake Decorating Of JUNE. Most Satisfying Cake Videos (June 2022).