Humus recipe

Humus recipe

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Humus recipe

Let the chickpeas soak from evening to morning. Change the water and boil in salted water for about an hour. After it is boiled, drain it, add the garlic cloves, lemon juice, 1/2 cup of olive oil, a cup of water, salt and pepper and mix in a blender until it becomes a paste. At the end, add the chopped parsley. I served it on slices of baguette with tomato salad and green onions.

Original hummus recipe

The chickpeas are left to soak in water for a few hours and then boiled well in salted water.

The sesame seeds, with the olive oil, with the garlic with, the lemon juice and with the water are put in a blender where it is passed very well, the boiled chickpeas are added and we continue to pass. Match the salt and you're done.

A super fast food. Great appetite!

Black with jam

I mixed all the ingredients with the mixer. I put the cake in the preheated oven for 45

Lemon and berry cake

It is made very quickly and eaten the same way :)). first mix the margarine with the sugar and oil

Simple humus

I am absolutely in love with hummus! I could eat it at breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack, all on the same day! And although I've shared with you many hummus recipes in the past, this simple, classic and never-failing hummus recipe is still my favorite.

I believe that perfecting your hummus preparation technique is an absolutely necessary skill for anyone, but especially for passionate fans of this preparation, as I am. But! If you use my recipe below, you will get an extremely creamy and fragrant hummus every time. This is a promise! & # 128578

Humus is a basic appetizer that contains very few ingredients, which means that each element is very important. Each ingredient is very important in a good hummus! And, over time, I've discovered some really good tricks that help me get a perfect hummus every time. And today I will share all these secrets with you! You are ready? & # 128521

I will tell you from the beginning: There is NO need to peel the skins off chickpeas. Who has time for such a thing ?! Although other people offer this advice and I have tested it several times, I realized that it only consumes time without any noticeable results.

What can you do instead? Simple: the trick is to boil the canned chickpeas (which are already cooked) for another 15 minutes in a saucepan. So simple!

And yes, I use canned chickpeas when I make hummus. There is nothing wrong with canned chickpeas, just read the label and make sure it contains only boiled chickpeas, water and salt. Some also contain ascorbic acid, which means vitamin C, so it's perfectly ok.


It is very important to use quality tahini and in the right quantity depending on how much humus we want to obtain. No worries, because the recipe below contains all the quantities you need. For example, I add approx. 150g of tahini for 800g of chickpeas, sometimes even more, around 200g. I recommend either the tahini from Lidl, which is both cheap and good, or the one from Darinne that I use most often.

Another very important tip: do not add tahini paste from the beginning! The first time you have to blend the chickpeas for 5 minutes and only after this step you can add the tachini. Why? Because excessive mixing of tahini can sometimes give it a bitter taste. So, if you add it from the beginning to the food processor, it means that you mix it for 10 whole minutes, which is too much. We don't want a humus with a bitter taste, do we?


Let's also talk about olive oil. I know that most recipes on the net mention adding olive oil when mixing the rest of the ingredients, but I don't do that. I only add it at the end, on top, when the hummus is ready to be placed in the bowl. Believe me, it works great!

I recently discovered a premium olive oil from Mega Image, the one with the blue label and 0.3% acidity (it is written on the label). It has a good price and I recommend it. It's very fragrant.


Why do I use ice in my recipe? Good question! Ice cubes & ldquoajuta & rdquo freshly boiled chickpeas to cool faster. I discovered this trick in a Reels earlier and said I would try it. It really is useful!


I prepare the hummus in the food processor. I have a Philips robot that does an excellent job, I recommend it. If you use a blender, the process will be a bit more complicated because you have to blend small amounts. It will not work to blend with 800g of chickpeas from the first you will have to halve the amount and put more liquid.

And another important tip: it is important to be gentle enough. The more you process, the finer the hummus will be!

These were all my tricks for a simple, perfect hummus every time.

The recipe below is a basic recipe for simple hummus. After perfecting, you can add other ingredients and flavors to get a more interesting result.

Here are some recommendations for hummus recipes that I've tried over time and have become my favorites:

I know, the list is quite long, I just told you how much I like hummus! In case you are wondering how you can serve it, you will discover a universe of possibilities. You can eat it as an appetizer with the stick, maybe a little browned in the oven, with crackers or vegetable sticks. Or, if you're as fanatical as I am, you can make this creamy Easter recipe with hummus. It is very good! & # 128578

That being said, I hope you will use my recipe to make a perfect simple hummus from now on. I promise you will get the best simple hummus every time!

How to prepare a delicious homemade Lebanese hummus recipe

You already have boiled chickpeas, either by yourself or canned. Put in a bowl of water and lightly rub the grains between your palms. Slow enough not to break them, hard enough to take the skin off them. Remove the bulk of the skins, do not try to remove 100%, it will last forever. Under a stream of water, not very strong, tilt the bowl and the skins will flow naturally from it. If you are lazy, you can leave them but without them you will get an even creamier texture of hummus.

In a blender, put sliced ​​garlic, chickpeas, lemon juice, salt, water and oil. Turn on the mixer and add water + oil when it starts to spin empty. After obtaining a homogeneous paste, taste and season additionally with garlic, salt, lemon.

Put the hummus in a bowl and decorate with olive oil, sweet paprika and lightly browned pine buds.

There are many variants of humus-based dishes, especially for the fasting period: avocado hummus, baked pepper hummus, spinach hummus or other greens. It's all about taste and the essential is the basis, both the ingredients and the technique & # 8211 more precisely the approach to the quality of the ingredients because the technique / preparation is about the same.

Find HERE the recipes for hake with hummus and HERE for turkey with hummus and vegetable salsa.

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How do I make a perfect Lebanese hummus and where can I go wrong

Because the recipe is called & # 8220Humus delicios, homemade, simple, classic recipe & # 8221, I try to tell you the whole movie in detail.

Watch out for garlic! After cleaning it, cut the puppy in half and put it on the tongue. A good garlic has a medium to weak smell before it is crushed. A good taste and a suitable, temperate spiciness. If it numbs your tongue, do not use the right garlic.

Watch out for the lemon! Like garlic, depending on how ripe and how fast it is, the taste can be extremely sour or sweet, towards orange.

Pay attention to the quantities! Compared to a large quantity of food, where you add a little more water, tomatoes, etc. if you don't season it well, with humus, being a small quantity and standard density, you don't have too many options. Start with less garlic, less tahini and add water and oil proportionally, in stages. In the end, everything depends on everyone's taste!

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