Poultry milk

Poultry milk

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I separated the egg whites from the yolks and whipped them, adding 2 tablespoons of sugar at the end. I put the milk, in which I added the core of a vanilla stick, to boil over low heat, and in the warm milk I boiled for a few minutes, egg white dumplings, which I formed with a spoon. I took them out with a strainer in the glass jar that I prepared for the "final product".

I mixed the yolks with sugar, until a frothy consistency and until they doubled in volume, I added the starch and I poured the composition into the vanilla milk in which I initially boiled the egg white dumplings. I mixed on a very low heat, until the cream thickened like sour cream, then I carefully poured it into the bowl with egg white dumplings and I flavored it with a little rum. I left everything cold.

Before serving, I sprinkled grated chocolate and almond flakes, which I lightly fried in pans, without oil.

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